Promoted to Branch Manager in Strood

What did you do before joining the Group?

I first worked part-time in a gym but was made redundant, so I was forced to find something new. I had no idea what I really wanted to do - at the time I just wanted enough money to pay for my car insurance.

I fell into a job at the Daily Telegraph working in their call centre. I had to cold call people and sell them yearly subscriptions to the paper. It was a tough sell but I stayed for two years as I enjoyed speaking to the public every day. I also loved the buzz of making a sale! 

What attracted you to estate agency?

After two successful years at the paper but with no opportunity to earn more money or progress further, I started seeking new roles within sales. I went for interviews at a few estate agents and had numerous job offers but The Robinson Jackson Group stood out. I liked the brand, the culture and I knew from the interviews that career progression was something on offer. 

Have you been supported during your career?

I have worked with three different managers and I learnt loads from them all. In the run up to my promotion Simon Woodcock, the MD for the Medway region, took me under his wing. I’m a keen listener and soaked up his 25 years’ experience over a six-month period. I feel I rose to every challenge he set and was rewarded earlier this year with the promotion to Branch Manager at Strood.  

What are your ambitions for the future?

I’m really enjoying the extra responsibilities; in particular working with the brilliant sales team at Strood and helping them develop their skills. Ultimately this is for the benefit of our customers, something I take very seriously. They deserve the best advice and the results to match.

On a personal level, I bought my first property last year with my partner and I recently became a proud parent. Getting the right work/life balance is important and I think it’s achievable.

As the new Branch Manager, I’d like the Strood office to pull away from the competition and firmly position itself as the go to estate agent. I realise I’ve achieved a lot at a young age, so who knows what the future holds… maybe I’ll be a Partner within The Robinson Jackson Group one day!   

Finally, any advice to those considering a career in estate agency?

If you’re working in a retail or sales environment and enjoy being part of a team, then a career in estate agency could be for you. My biggest piece of advice is that you need to naturally enjoy speaking with people face-to-face and on the phone. It’s not a typical 9-5 job but it’s full of variety – it’s very rewarding and tones of fun. Contact us and give it a shot!





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