Christmas Jumpers for Save the Children

One Friday every December millions go about their daily business wearing Christmas jumpers instead of normal clothes, all for a good cause.

It’s difficult to believe that Save the Children only launched the event seven years ago, but since 2012 it has picked up speed year after year, becoming now rather an institution in organisations, businesses and schools across the country.

“Christmas jumper day” has certainly become a firm tradition across the Robinson Jackson Group in the lead-up to Christmas. This year the annual event fell on Friday 13th December and once again staff in all of the branches and departments enjoyed coming into work in their festive knitwear instead of suits and work clothes.

Along with cosy and garish jumpers showing fun and silly messages, there were onesies and dresses (and not just for the ladies). Have a look at the pictures on our facebook page.

Although the occasion is light-hearted and fun, the primary purpose is to raise funds through donations and spread awareness for the work of Save the Children. The charity works in 118 countries around the world, including the UK, providing on-going support and care to children as well as running emergency appeals. Over the years 4 million pounds has been raised just through their "Christmas jumper day" alone and 100% of all proceeds from the fundraising go directly to the charity. Just £2 donation could change a child’s life by helping them to grow up healthy and safe, and get an education, to enable them to be who they want to be.

Well done to our generous staff for their donations and for joining in the festive and cheerful way of raising money and awareness for this great cause.

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