Why are record numbers of our customers moving this summer? Read the top 5 reasons today.

In recent weeks we have broken all sales & lettings records across the Robinson Jackson Group. More customers invited us to their homes for valuations and advice about moving. We launched more properties to the market than ever before. We sold or let more homes this summer than any other period in our 25 years history. It feels incredible to announce the following results.

  • 38% more properties launched onto the market in recent weeks versus January 2020
  • 19% increase in buyers registered who are currently viewing our customers’ properties
  • 32% increase in homes sold by our fantastic sales teams

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Why are record numbers of our customers moving this summer?

Our sales & lettings staff understand the motivations of their customers, so we asked for the top reasons people are moving.

  1. Size counts

The lockdown forced us all to consider the space around us. Some people spruced up their homes and used the time to undertake long-overdue DIY projects. Still, many have concluded their property is no longer right for them.

Customers are asking for an additional bedroom, so children have their own space or a large open-plan kitchen for when the family comes together. The demand is also high for flexible space, particularly rooms that can accommodate a desk for home working.

  1. Outdoor space

The glorious weather during the lockdown, plus the fact most people are not holidaying abroad means everyone is spending more time outside. If people live in a flat, they now want a house with a garden. And if they already have a garden, they now want a bigger one.

In fact, a staggering 63% of buyers on Rightmove now want a house with a bigger garden or access to one, compared to the same time last year.

Outdoor space is not just about a garden. High on buyers' criteria are patios for outside dining, additional garages for storage or hobby areas such as sheds, greenhouses or space for an alfresco bar.

  1. Location

The work from home Government guidance and the subsequent decision by many London companies to offer flexible working means a daily commute may not be a necessity. Property within walking distance of a railway station is therefore no longer at the top of a buyer's wish list. This can seriously open the choice of location and means people don’t need to make lifestyle compromises to commute.

Location is relevant to what you are used to. A move out of London for some is outside Zone 1. Whereas for others it will be a move to the suburbs, or even further afield to a rural village or the coast. We have had some customers who are now permanently working from home, decide to sell up and move to places like Norfolk, The Lake District and Devon. Others have chosen to move back to their country of origin to be with their families.

  1. Downsizing

Whilst the nation was in lockdown it gave many people time to think about the future. This has led to lots of couples looking to release equity to retire now and downsize their current home. Downsizing, in some cases, has offered people the opportunity to be nearer to their grandchildren or closer to friends.

  1. Another baby boom?

The last baby booms were in 1946 and 1964, are we seeing the start of a possible baby boom towards the end of 2020 that will roll into 2021? With almost the whole country in lockdown and no sport of sorts to watch, it has left a lot of people with time on their hands. We are seeing a lot of first time sellers whose ideal home for two just won’t work with extra additions coming along the way.

Stamp Duty - Who wouldn’t like to save up to £15,000!

There is a sixth, overarching factor that is currently accelerating our customer’s plans - the Stamp Duty cuts. The savings are now a significant influence on people’s decision-making process. Many of our savvy customers say they were not going to move for 2 or 3 years. Still, they are now bringing their plans forward; to quickly take advantage of the Stamp Duty incentive.

It is worth noting that the legal and mortgage process associated with buying and selling a property still takes several months. Therefore, although the March Stamp Duty deadline may feel a long way off, realistically now is the time to action your plans.

For free advice about the changes to Stamp Duty and how they can help you, contact your local branch today.





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