Out-of-area agents lack selling power

If you have found a property to buy outside of your local area and feel obligated to use the same agent to sell your current home, weigh up your options first.

 Although it may appear more convenient to keep everything under one roof, choosing an ‘out-of-area’ agent, based a few or many miles away from your current address, might, in fact, be more hassle in the long run and not deliver the best results. Sellers moving out of the area are urged to still contact their local agent for the most accurate valuation and instant access to the best buyers.

A local agent who specialises in your immediate neighbourhood offers many advantages. Michelle Dean, the Branch Manager at our Swanley office, says it can be tempting or even implied necessary for those moving out of the catchment to use the same agent they are buying through, but she highlights that this could, in fact, jeopardise your moving plans; both in terms of the price you achieve and the speed of the sale.

“Out-of-area agents, who don’t have a local network of offices, are often over-reliant on the internet throughout the process. Their lack of local sales experience means homeowners may not get an accurate valuation for their property or access to the best buyers seeking to move into their street.

Even if the agent you are buying through has another office close to where you live, I’d always recommend inviting a few alternative agents to value your property. Valuations are free, and you’ll instantly benefit from the independent advice given.”

5 reasons why you should think carefully if you’re feeling obligated to use an ‘out-of-area’ agent. 

We take care of viewings, so you don’t have to – if an agent is based miles away, they may not be able to show buyers around your property. This always proves to be an inconvenience for sellers who work through the day and don’t like to be tied to the house at weekends. With Robinson Jackson, our local offices can even conduct viewings on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

We have the name that attracts local buyers – rather than relying on the internet for leads, the Robinson Jackson Group has built a reputation as the go-to agent among purchasers. We have a vast database of waiting buyers registered with us and numbers are rising all the time. In fact, because of our reputation for carrying a wide selection of property, we’re adding approximately 4,000 new buyer applicants every month.

We can tempt buyers to view multiple properties – sellers using an out-of-area agent may miss opportunistic chances to impress buyers with alternative properties such as yours. If we’re taking people on a viewing appointment, we often line up 2 or 3 other similar properties for them to see. It’s amazing how often this leads to the sale of a property a buyer may have overlooked when searching on the internet.

We are first to notice changes in the local property market – an out-of-area agent will never truly have their finger on the local pulse, whereas it’s in our interest to monitor new properties that come onto the market, how long they take to sell, the asking prices, and more importantly what’s selling in every price bracket. Using this information, we can provide regular insights into the local market and offer the best advice to speed up the sales process.

We have a wide reputation – the Robinson Jackson Group has been operating for over 25 years, this means agents up and down the country are familiar with how effective we are. Even if you are buying in a different county, most agents recognise our reputation for delivering results. All parties, including the agent you are buying through, will draw confidence that we’ll get the job done, so you can move within a respectable time-frame. The last thing other agents want is to wait for a buyer to sell their current property.

We have locally based Sales Progression & solicitors – once an offer is agreed on the property you are selling, you may need to sign documents or seek advice leading up to the exchange of contracts. Our customers appreciate the convenience of being able to pop into a local branch and speak to staff face-to-face. In the modern world of email, it’s surprising the assurance speaking to a local person can offer.

If you’re thinking of moving out of the area, always ask a local agent to value your property to ensure you are getting the best advice. You can click here to request a free valuation with us.



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