Our in-branch mortgage advisors have access to 1,000s of mortgages and in most instances we can offer a same-day appointment. Even if you have been given a quote by a lender it is always worth meeting our advisors, as they may be able to save you money.

To book an appointment with a mortgage advisor, contact us today.

Mortgage advice & Help to buy


A mortgage decision can't come quick enough if you're searching for your next home - that's why an independent mortgage adviser is available in all of our branches. They can quickly meet you in person, secure you a mortgage agreement principle during the appointment and confirm a purchasing budget that gives you confidence to start looking - all at no cost.


Our service is open to everyone, whether they are using our agency services or not. We're experienced in:-

  • Low deposit mortgages - for those with 5% deposits
  • Mortgages for self-employed and contract workers
  • Lenders who welcome overtime, bonuses, maintenance payments and benefits
  • Mortgages for buyers with unconventional circumstances or properties
  • Home loans with low LTV (loan to value) ratios
  • Mortgages with repayment terms in excess of 30 years

Our clients include:-

  • First-time buyers
  • Second steppers
  • Downsizers
  • Those wishing to free equity
  • Investors - individuals and Ltd companies
  • Those remortgaging


1. Access to the whole mortgage market - apply for exclusive and online-only deals in addition to what your own bank or the High Street can offer, so you get the best rate and conditions available.

2. Quick appointments, quick decisions - ask us about same-day appointments and an agreement in principle by the end of the meeting.

3. Meet an adviser in person - refreshingly, talk to a mortgage expert face-to-face, rather than be directed to an impersonal call centre or frustrating online application.

Our independent mortgage advisers are our sellers' safety net. They qualify any potential purchasers, making sure they have a mortgage agreement in principle and checking their finances a purchase - a service not all agents provide. This deters time-wasters, shortens the selling process and strengthens chains.

We can also help sellers balance their books when it comes to their sale price, equity, moving costs and onwards plans. You can sit down and work through your budget with an independent finance professional without charge. 

If you decide to use an associated financial services provider, we may receive a referral fee. Please note, this will not add any additional costs to the fees quoted directly by the service provider. 

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage


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Take advantage of Help to Buy

If you have a 5% deposit, our independent mortgage advisers can help you purchase a brand new home using the Government’s Help to Buy scheme. What’s more, our branch staff can produce a list of new homes where Help to Buy is in operation at the click of a button.