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Trapped condensation leads to mould, which isn’t healthy in the home. Here’s our advice and top tips for controlling condensation in your rented property.

Tips for Reducing Condensation

Did you know the average family produces over two gallons of moisture every day? There is always moisture in the air, released from our bodies, but we add to the level when we take showers and baths, boil a kettle, cook on the hob, and dry washing indoors on radiators and airers. When warm air cools, it forms condensation and that means dampness. Dampness then turns to mould, which is unsightly and is a health risk.

Condensation and excess moisture needs to escape, and the best way to do this is through better ventilation. Here’s our top tips for reducing condensation, improving ventilation and stopping mould growth:-

  • Cover pans that are boiling on the hob
  • Dry clothes outdoors whenever possible
  • If drying clothes inside, open a window in the room they are drying
  • Keep the bathroom door shut when bathing to stop the steam reaching other rooms
  • Ensure extractor fans are working and windows are open in bathroom/kitchen
  • Open windows daily to let moisture escape and fresh air in
  • Wipe down surfaces where moisture settles
  • Maintain a low constant heat in the property
  • Try not to use gas or paraffin heaters