Lily Dowden Smith

4 years as a Sales Negotiator, Gravesend - Promoted to Assistant Manager

What did you do before joining the Group?

Prior to working for RMJ, I was an Assistant Manager for a shop in Bluewater. Prior to that, I worked in car sales which was a very similar approach to the role I am in now. 

Have you got any local connections to your branch/area?

I only live 10 minutes away from the branch, so I had a relatively good understanding of the area when I started. I may have needed a sat nav to find some places but luckily, I’m not assessed on my sense of direction.  

What attracted you to estate agency?

When I worked in Bluewater, one of my long term customers was a branch manager for an estate agent in London and had regularly asked me if I would consider the industry and work for him. When I decided estate agency was something I wanted to get into, I asked for his advice about good companies which were local to where I lived. He put me in contact with a recruitment agency that landed me the interview at RMJ. I also liked the idea of regular working hours with a more structured week, as it meant I could make better plans outside of work for my free time. 

How have you been mentored or supported in your career?

Since starting at RMJ, I regularly sit with either of the 3 managers in the office, who talk me through step by step the different systems and processes. Each has their own spin on things so it’s interesting mixing the various techniques. 

From week one, I was up and running! Andy, the Branch Manager immediately sat with me and taught me how to use Reapit (the main software system) – I was registering buyers on the phone and booking mortgage appointments. It was hectic but great speaking to so many different people. Ben, the Financial Adviser explained the benefits of using an independent mortgage broker and helped me better explain to customers why they should book an appointment. Reece and Tom have both taken me on listings with them, so I can learn that side of the business. It is amazing the amount of preparation they do for a valuation, in order to provide the best advice for our customers. I’m sure this makes them stand out versus other agents. 

What are your ambitions for the future?

I would like to win top sales person of the year, continually beating my personal sales target each month. I want to learn each aspect of the business so when I’m dealing with customers I have a complete understanding and can offer them better advice. Personally, I am just working hard to save a deposit for my own house. 

What do you like most about working at the Group?

The whole team is like a big family and they made me feel extremely welcome when I first started. I like the sense of achievement so it is good that you are rewarded and recognised for working hard. It just makes you want to continue to work hard and do well. For me, it’s ideal that work is very close to home so I have been able to be close to my family and be there when they have needed me.

Finally, any advice for those considering a career in estate agency? 

You need to be a people person, outgoing and bubbly. Be able to easily start a conversion over nothing and learn the information you want and always be willing to learn something new.


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