Incredible 95 - 100% mortgages

Struggling to save for a deposit as well as paying the rent? Think you’ll never be able to buy your own place? It might be easier than you think.

In fact, there are mortgages around for 95% of the purchase price - where on a property valued at £120,000, for example, you could borrow £114,000 and only need to get together a deposit of £6,000.

There’s even the option of an unbelievable 100% mortgage if you have a family member with savings. Established lenders including Barclays are currently offering deposit-free mortgages to first-time buyers and home-movers if a family member saves 10% of the purchase price in a linked savings account. After the fixed-term that amount is returned to the family member, with interest at a competitive rate.

With mortgages like these available for up to 5 times your earnings and with interest rates at an all-time low, you may be able to get on the property ladder sooner than you thought.

Come and see the independent mortgage adviser in your local branch of the Robinson Jackson Group for free advice on what would work for you. Then you can get onto the exciting part; looking at all the great starter homes we have. Our staff will be delighted to arrange lots of viewings, even at weekends or evenings.


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