With our customers support, Christmas Jumper Day is set to raise £2,500 for Save the Children


The staff at our offices have never taken themselves too seriously so always enjoy Christmas Jumper Day. Many are disappointed the day only comes around once a year as they’d like to show off their novelty knitwear every day of the year! 

Save the Children is an amazing charity helping 45 million children in the UK and across the world. You might just think you're wearing a jumper for Christmas Jumper Day - but it is way more than that. Your spellbinding sweater is going to help kids get the stuff they need most to help them see the fun and wonder in the world! Read these amazing stories to see the world through a kids’s eyes.


The Robinson Jackson Group are delighted to support Save the Children in their quest to make the world a bit more magical for kids everywhere. This is the 10th annual Christmas Jumper Day and it’s growing every year with more & more people entering into the festive spirit. Our customers are certainly not too shy to wear woolly-pullies to show their support.

Thanks to all our customers for your support throughout 2022 and we look forward to seeing you soon (crazy jumpers optional).


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