2024: Moving Opportunities this New Year

A new year brimming with exciting possibilities in the housing market.

As we step into this new chapter, we're delighted to share insights that will guide you through the dynamic landscape of opportunities unfolding in the coming months.

Variety of Properties: Homes to Suit Your Desires - 2024 brings an impressive array of homes, from cosy apartments to spacious family houses and bungalows tailored for every life stage. You’ll find the widest choice of properties in one place by contacting us today.

Competitive Pricing: Your Key to Value - The enticing selection of homes is more than just diverse; they come with competitive pricing. Many of our customers are out already viewing properties and are pleasantly surprised by the space they can afford with extra features presenting excellent value-for-money in highly desirable areas.  

Mortgage Rate Cuts: Easing the Path to Your Dream Home - Major lenders are facilitating your journey with strategic interest rate cuts, enhancing your ability to secure your next home. Their continued adjustments, influenced by the Bank of England's base rate stability since August 3, 2023, open doors to more favourable mortgage opportunities. The subsequent resurgence in buyer demand, measured by the increase in property enquiries on Zoopla towards the end of December, reflects the positive market response to these changes.

Zoopla's Insights: A Glimpse into the Future - The leading property portal has further encouraging news as they predict the result of inflation falling and Bank of England base rate stability. Zoopla, the best forecaster for 2023, believes mortgage rates will continue to edge downward, offering substantial relief to buyers and homeowners in the upcoming year. Whilst they also anticipate property prices adjusting to around 2% lower, remember most homeowners saw tremendous price growth during the pandemic, so most property values will still be significantly higher than they were back in 2019.

Inspiration for 2024: Expert Guidance for Financial Confidence - Amid this dynamic market, find inspiration in the heightened competitiveness among lenders. Our Independent Mortgage Advisers are readily available to guide you through the best mortgage deals, ensuring your budgeting is straightforward and manageable. Don't stretch yourself thin; they will help you secure a lovely home while retaining ample disposable income to live life to the fullest.

Why Choose the Robinson Jackson Group: Excellence at Every Step - Beyond the market dynamics, choosing our services ensures success with your plans. Our dedicated sales teams consistently outperform market expectations, achieving double the national sales volume. For 2024, we are again recognised as the Best Estate Agent for the fifth consecutive year. The award-winning experience we offer to customers has been trusted for over 30 years.


Seize the Opportunities: Your Next Steps

In 2024, Zoopla forecasts property transactions will reach 1 million over the next 12 months – a significant figure. The only question is, will you be amongst the happy movers?

If you are considering your plans, this can be a lovely market in which to move. There's less pressure around, there's property choice, and so there's less competition for every home. Prices represent good value and are more predictable rather than being forced up by high demand and outbidding. Combined, it means a more pleasant experience for buyers and sellers.

The opportunities won't linger for long. The New Year will bring a surge of eagerness to explore the exciting market. If you're already registered with our teams, reach out to prioritise your requirements so we can share the latest choice of homes and book your exciting viewings.

Do you still need to register as a buyer, or are you interested in knowing the value of your property? Then contact a local office today.


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