Free tax-help tutorials for landlords

A set of free tax-help tutorials for landlords, addressing the 'phased' tax changes taking effect from April 2017, are now available to download here.

Although the premise of investing in property is one that's simple to understand - unlike other investment vehicles - imminent changes within the lettings industry will affect how a buy-to-let operates.

This series of tutorials has been produced by Property118 and The Landlords Union, and cover subjects including short term tax planning loans, legalities of tax planning and understanding incorporation.

Buy-to-let remains one of the most positive investment choices available, especially with rock bottom interest rates and confidence in traditional pensions very low. As professional property managers, the Robinson Jackson Lettings team will guide you through the new laws and legislations that are being introduced, as well as any that might be brought in as a result of the Government's 2017 housing White Paper. Please contact us today for advice and details of our services.